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Artificial IntelligencE in fighting illicit drugs production and traffickiNg

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    About ARIEN


    Improving the investigation capability of LEAs on illegal drugs production and trafficking, leveraging on innovative AI techniques to monitor online illicit drugs markets and extract precious information (e.g. on physical drug-dealing hotspots through social media) supporting effective investigation.


    Enhancing the Intelligence picture of the illegal drug production and trafficking, improving the understanding of the entire chain, its financial flows and the role of black-markets in the global darknet and their relationships with social media.


    Promoting effective strategies on international cooperation among EU and non-EU LEAs, Customs and Border Guards Authorities and policy makers to augment investigation capabilities against criminal groups.


    Increasing knowledge on modus operandi and emerging threats and trends both on drug trafficking and on drug-related organised crimes.

    Who ARIEN is for

    ARIEN will involve several target groups of organisations linked to the fight against illicit drugs production and trafficking:

    • LEAs and relevant authorities interested in improving their illicit drugs production and trafficking threat intelligence and crime detection capacity
    • Policy makers and Legislative authorities
    • Industry and Technology providers
    • Research institutes
    • Citizens and Society as a whole

    ARIEN's Ambition

    ARIEN will advance beyond the state-of-the-art knowledge in comprehension of the drugs trafficking domain, the technological pillars of data modelling and creation and data usage for the extraction of advanced intelligence and the legislative environment. The universal approach undertaken by ARIEN will define a unique interface for input, search and retrieval on national, EU and international drugs and organized crimes’ to tracking and tackling information relevant to illicit drugs activities in which it is currently lacking, further improving the speed and scale of European operations. In doing so, ARIEN meticulously develops innovative tools to model, acquires and analyses data that contribute a more accurate intelligence picture, widening the scope and data exchange possibilities for cross-border cooperation to benefit from the sharing of best practices, opportunities and support for capacity building through training opportunities.

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